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Opportunity Loans

0% Interest Loans that Create Financial Well-being for All

What Is An Opportunity Loan? 

An Opportunity Loan is an interest-free loan, with a flexible payback plan that helps you build emergency savings. 

You can use this loan to bridge your cash flow and pay emergency expenses without accruing extra fees or high-interest debt and as you pay it back you automatically start building emergency savings!

Impact Loans

How It Works

Opportunity Loans are a way to help your achieve financial well-being by giving you access to an interest free loan that has a flexible payback period and also helps you save for emergencies.   

Step #1 – Apply

The first step to receiving an Opportunity Loan is to apply online.    It is a fast process that is 100% anonymous so that you don’t have to worry about sharing your situation with anyone besides The Community Impact Fund.   Once approved for an Opportunity Loan your funds will be dispersed directly to your bank account via ACH.   

Step #2 – Cover Your Expenses

The second step is to use the proceeds of your opportunity loan to cover any emergency expenses that you have that would otherwise set you back further financially.   These expenses could include rent or housing related expenses, medical bills, auto expenses or repairs, or basic needs such as food or utilities.   

The fact that the loan is interest free and has a flexible payback you will not incur any interest or fees but will be building your credit up as you pay it back!   

Step #3 – Build Savings 

Finally, as you pay your Opportunity Loan back, 10% of every dollar that you pay back will be allocated to an emergency savings incentive and available to you when are you able to start saving an emergency fund.   

These funds are available when you meet certain requirements and savings goals and are design to speed up your progress to building a rainy day fund of your own so that you can cover emergency expenses on your own in the future.